This course can be started with an experience of twenty dives. It consists of theory as well as elective dives.

CMAS Two-Star Diver is a diver who has open water diving experience and can dive to a maximum depth of 30 meters with at least 2-star divers. Those under 18 years old can only dive up to 24 meters with a 3-star diver. It can dive to a maximum depth of 42 meters for training purposes accompanied by a diving instructor. CMAS Two Stars diver can also do night diving. Two-star divers cannot lead dives to one-star divers. .

To participate in this course, it is obligatory to be at least 15 years old, to have a health certificate or an equivalent education certificate, to have a star diver certificate of the federation or an equivalent document approved by the federation, to document in the dive log that they have made at least 20 open sea dives after receiving a star diver certificate and to be at least 2 months past the date of a star diver diploma. Two-star diver certificates will give divers some additional authority and responsibilities and will also give them the right to plan and perform dives with another two-star divers who will accompany them.

At the end of the theoretical training of the CMAS Two Star diver training programme, in addition to the subjects they learned in the theoretical training of one-star diver training programme, they learn the natural and compass navigation techniques necessary to navigate a course under water without losing direction, a number of diving diseases and accidents that may occur if the underwater safety rules are not followed, deep dive, boat dive, specialty dives that require special training, turbid water diving, night diving, current diving and underwater search and rescue and techniques, dangerous sea creatures and the points to be considered when choosing a diving site.

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