It is a one-day course consisting of a one-hour Theory lesson, underwater exercises and an open water dive (max. 12 m). Certification is required for this course and can be used as credit for the next course.

Discover Scuba (Introduction – Trial Diving) is a special activity for people who have been interested in underwater before but have not yet had the opportunity to dive. If you are curious about what it's like to breathe underwater and scuba diving but are not ready to become certified, Discover Scuba Diving is the course for you. In short, the introductory dive is a trial program prepared for people who do not know how to dive but are curious about the underwater world.

Before you start your dive, you will be told what to do underwater with a briefing; You learn how to use your diving equipment, how to move underwater with them and how to breathe with ease. Then you start your dive and experience diving at a depth of 5-12 meters. You stay for 20 minutes at 5-12 meters, and you can feel the freedom under the water as you dive with your diving equipment and enjoy hanging in a gravity-free environment. If you are lucky, you may even see underwater creatures such as moray eel, barracuda, sea turtle and dolphin. We take underwater photo shoots to immortalize the moments where you will witness the lives of the uniquely beautiful underwater creatures and to share them with your loved ones.

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