This training is the professional part of diving. With this course, the dive guide can become its leader and assistant trainer to the dive instructor. It may take two to three weeks.
You can start your PADI Divemaster training after successfully completing the PADI Rescue Diver course (PADI Rescue Diver) and having 40 recorded dives. By working closely with our dive center's PADI instructors, you can increase your diving knowledge and diving theory and raise your skills to a professional level. The most rewarding part of the course is learning to supervise diving activities and assisting with diver training organized by PADI instructors at Subaqua. The PADI Divemaster level, which is the first step of professional diver levels, also gives you the opportunity to work as a diving professional in many parts of the world. PADI Dive masters are authorized to supervise both educational and non-educational diving activities. All Dive Centers and Resorts around the world require PADI Dive masters to assist with diving classes and underwater tours. PADI Dive masters can run PADI Local Discovery Dive experiences and Scuba Review programs for certified divers. They can run the PADI Discovery Snorkeling experience and PADI Free diver courses, as well as the Digital Underwater Photography Specialist and Emergency First Response courses.
During the PADI Divemaster course, you will excel in diving theory and skills, learn to organize diving activities and lead diver at all levels. In addition to advanced diving theory, your PADI Divemaster training will provide you with knowledge and skills in planning, organizing, conducting and leading dive activities. Within the scope of the program, the Divemaster candidate not only develops his/her leadership skills, but also provides a full structure in diving theory under the headings of physics, physiology, diving tables, materials and diving conditions-environment. The water part of the training has limited water and offshore applications. The susceptibility to water, which is the main environment of diving activity, and adequacy to the environment are evaluated depending on distance, time and endurance. Basic diving skills are mastered in demonstration quality skills that can be taught to those who do not know how to dive. In open water practice, Divemaster candidates train with real dive students and certified divers under the direct

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