(Emergency First Response) course is taught in a classroom entirely academically. This course teaches how to help oneself and others physically and emotionally in emergencies. This course does not include diving.

EFR is a first aid training program and therefore anyone can attend the EFR course. With this course you will learn basic skills such as CPR, artificial respiration and first aid. The course covers primary and secondary assistance practices and techniques. The primary intervention covers heart massage (CPR) and artificial respiration applications, while the secondary intervention covers techniques to be applied in accident situations such as bleeding, shock, fracture, spinal cord injuries and drowning. With the repetitive skills you have done on the mannequin during the course, you will learn how to respond to the injured person in case of an accident and be prepared for emergencies that may arise at any moment of your life.

The Emergency First Response program is one of the requirements of the PADI Rescue Diver and PADI Divemaster trainings that divers can choose in their advanced training. It is a training program often preferred by non-divers. Since the course structure and standards are a performance-based education system, the duration of the course varies according to the performance of the trainees. After all the knowledge and skills are acquired by the trainees, the acquired skills are reinforced with different group studies and prepared scenarios. The main purpose is to turn all applications in Emergency First Response training into motor skills.

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