It is a course that can last up to two or three days, and it provides a sense of confidence by improving underwater and surface skills.

The Rescue diver course is an excellent course that develops the ability to avoid problems underwater and in the diving environment, teaches you the special skills needed in a diving accident, and teaches you the skills needed to help both yourself and your partner rescue and solve underwater and surface problems. The course teaches you to go beyond the problem and find solutions to the situation at hand. Combined with a certificate in PADI Basic First Aid, the Rescue Diver Course includes rescue, theory and practical training. The program briefly covers Self Rescue, Divers Stress, Diving First Aid, Emergency Management, Material Problems, Prevention, Surface and Underwater Rescue Skills and Diving Accident Scenarios. Your instructor can extend the duration of the course if necessary.

Anyone who has Advanced Open Water Diver and EFR certification, has 25 registered dives, and is at least 15 years old can participate. Students who do not hold a valid EFR certificate must also complete the EFR course before the Rescue Course ends.

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